Which Facelift Surgery is the Most Common?

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As we age, our skin starts to get loose and sag, making deep folds and lines. It may also cause the skin around the jaw and neck to become loose and saggy, causing jowls.

Facelift surgery can help eliminate these signs of ageing and make you look younger and healthier. It can also make you feel better about the way your face looks.

A mini-facelift may be right for you to eliminate jowls and other signs of ageing in your lower face and neck without going through much trouble. This slightly invasive surgery can give you the same benefits as a full facelift, but it will take you less time to heal.

A small facelift can also be done with only local anaesthesia, which makes it a great choice for people who don’t do well with general anaesthesia. This comforts the process, speeds healing, and lowers the risk of problems.

This slightly invasive treatment can be paired with other ways to rejuvenate the face, like a fat graft or skin filler, to make the effects more noticeable. During the operation, small cuts are made behind the ears and around the hairline to lift and tighten the skin on your lower face.

There are many ways to treat the signs of ageing on the face. But if you want a more major change, you might be better off with a standard makeover.

Faces with droopy skin, deep lines, and jowls can look better after a facelift. It can also help move inner muscles, shift fat, and remove extra skin to make a face look younger.

Incisions are made around the ears, along the hairline, and under the chin for the standard facelift. These cuts are made to be as small as possible so you can return to your normal life without noticing that you had surgery.

In addition to making your face look better, a facelift can help you feel better about how you look and see yourself. It can be a great addition to other treatments, like laser skin resurfacing and Botox® treatment.

A lower rhytidectomy, another name for a neck lift, is a surgery that makes your chin and neck look younger. It can be done independently or with a facelift for people whose face and neck both show signs of ageing.

The inner muscles and extra skin are straightened during a neck lift to give the neck a more sculpted look. The general look of the face is also improved by getting rid of extra fat, jowls, and a double chin.

Long, straight bands of muscle called platysmal muscles are a common worry for women’s looks that can be fixed with surgery. You can find these bands on your neck’s left and right front sides.

A neck lift can make the skin on the neck look tight, smooth, and generally free of lines. This is especially helpful for people who have lost weight and have skin that hangs loosely on the neck. It can also keep you from having to get a fuller facelift down the road.

To fix drooping or extra skin, fat, and muscle, cuts are made along the natural folds of the upper and lower eyes. Very small stitches are used to close the cuts.

After surgery, you’ll spend some time in a recovery room, where your doctor will closely watch you and give you painkillers to make you feel better. Around the eyes, swelling and bruises are usual, but they should go away after about a week.

During this time, keeping your eyes raised and cool is important to help them heal properly. Also, it would be best if you didn’t do anything too hard or exercise for the first few weeks after your process. Contact our office if you have questions or issues. We’re excited to help you get the look and self-confidence you deserve.

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) may be the best way to eliminate droopy skin on your upper or lower eyelids. This treatment can help you look younger and feel better about yourself again.



Dr. Jacono review

Dr. Jacono review is a dual board certified surgeon who currently works as the Section Head of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.